Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy declares they’re taking a ‘break’ from live concerts and writing new songs for years, maybe. More news to follow.

Pete Wentz says ‘no!’ to eyeliner, skinny jeans and the hair. More info here and here for what some people call the ‘death of emo.’

Also Fall Out Boy’s Sugar We’re Going Down is available in the iPhone and iPod touch’s Tap Tap Revenge 3. More info here.

A Fall Out Boy contest is going on in which you can win Patrick Stump’s guitar, signed by every Fall Out Boy. More info here.


Panic at the Disco will be performing at 97x’s Next Big Thing on the 6th of December in Tampa Florida. More info here.

New pictures of Brendon Urie, here and here.


Watch here how Gabe and Ryland answer fan mails on Teen.comTV.

Gabe Saporta rants about immigration on twitter. More info here.

Cobra Starship Behind the Scenes at the VMAs, watch it here.


2 Responses to “”

  1. drk Says:

    im really hoping the FOB thing is false 😦

  2. drk Says:

    well wait its not false…andy kinda confirmed it 😦 ughh

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